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About K-Pet / K-Cat Fair

<Korea’s Leading Pet Fair, the Largest Pet Industry Exhibition in Korea, K-Pet FAIR>
K-Pet Fair is the annual exhibition for the industry professionals in Korea.
We provide a platform for promising business opportunities to exhibitors and excitement to visitors.
Over the past few years, K-Pet Fair has been greatly expanding along with the growing interest in the pet industry in Korea.The rapid growth in visitors has been driven by the wide variety of contents offered by the fair.
K-Pet Fair is hosted in four major cities of Korea (Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Ilsan), for a total of four shows every year. Additionally, K-Cat Fair was launched in 2017 to provide a specialized platform for the cat owners. K-Pet Fair continues to expand with strong interest from a growing number of exhibitors and visitors. We will strive to become one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the global pet industry.
<K-CAT Fair, Join the fair and participate in the promosing growth of the Korean cat industry>
In 2017, K-Cat Fair was launched with great fanfare in Seoul, Korea.
The number of households that own cats has been increasing at remarkable speed in Korea.
This trend has expanded the cat product and service industry and led to the growth of cat family communities.
K-Cat Fair hosted 114 exhibitors with 235 booths and over 10,000 visitors in 2017. Since launched, K-Cat Fair has been seeing rapid growth over the past few years.
Now, K-Cat Fair is ready to enrich the Korean indsutry.